How It's Med

How It's Med

A podcast where we explore the stories behind medical innovators and tastebreakers.

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Physician Founded Ep. 14: Dr. Harvey Hawes Pt.1

Sept. 22, 2022

A trauma surgeon, an innovative problem solver and a humanitarian, when you combine these three things, you get Dr. Harvey Hawes! Join us on part 1 of our enthralling conversation with Dr. Harvey Hawes, founder and Chief Med…

Med Tech Talks Ep. 63: Dr. Karolina Valente Pt. 2

Sept. 15, 2022

🖨️ How can 3D printing help with cancer research? A hint from Dr Karolina Valente: think small - about as small as your tiniest blood vessels! 🩸 This time, on part 2 of our conversation with Dr. Karolina Valente, founder of…

Med Tech Talks Ep. 63: Dr. Karolina Valente Pt. 1

Sept. 8, 2022

🐀 Move over lab rats, 3D printers are here to take your jobs 🤖 3-D printing microvasculature for cancer drug testing is no longer the stuff of Gray’s Anatomy - in Part 1 of Geoffrey Ching’s conversation with Dr. Karolina Val…

Physician Founded Ep. 13: Dr.Joshua Landy Pt.2

Sept. 1, 2022

🍽️ From dinner table to 100,000 users 📈 in a few months, sending a Bat-signal 🦇 across the globe for help on curious cases - how did Josh Landy and the Figure 1 team accomplish so much in so little time? 🤔 This time, we rejo…

Physician Founded Ep. 13: Dr.Joshua Landy Pt. 1

Aug. 26, 2022

🖥️ Programmers have StackOverflow, doctors have Figure1 👩‍⚕️. Technology has allowed us to share our experiences with others at a scale larger than ever before, and it has great benefits for professionals in every field. Thi…

Med Tech Talks Ep. 63: Michael Fergusson Pt. 2

Aug. 18, 2022

The technological revolution 🤖 has happened. How do we ensure widespread adoption of technology in healthcare 🏥? According to our guest Michael Fergusson, the onus is on healthcare workers.👩‍⚕️ Join us as Geoff and Abdo cont…

About the Hosts

Geoff Profile Photo



Geoff is a medical graduate with an interest in the complexities of scaling medical technologies and the relationships that make up the health tech and healthcare ecosystems we rely on so much. In his free time, he helps underserved kids and immigrants get glasses and their eyes checked with the Eyeglasses Project.

*Why did you join the team?:*

I listen to alot of podcasts, and I know firsthand how important medical innovation is. I've always wanted to learn how new medical technologies are scaled so that people all over the world, not just locally, can live better lives. It's clear to me that a supportive medtech community built on the stories and learnings of those who came before us could be so, so helpful.

Abdo Profile Photo



Abdo is at UBC for a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering and holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering. He has dabbled in aerospace engineering, nuclear physics, drug design, biomedical instrumentation, Medtech consulting, and several marketing-related projects. Outside of work, he is a visual artist and a local fashionista.

*Why did you join the team?:*

I started this team with Geoff as a way to connect with the diverse mentors that the Medtech space has to offer. I want to transfer the knowledge of those shaping the future of medicine through our casual free-flowing conversations.

Sorayya Profile Photo


Archetypes Project Lead

Sorayya is a 2nd year medical student at UBC with an interest in how we can use technology to improve access to healthcare in underserved communities. In her spare time, she likes to go to the gym while listening to podcasts about psychology and knowledge sharing.
*Why did you join the team?:*

I started out as a podcast listener/fan! What better way to learn about the health tech space than to have front-row seats at a masterclass with some of the most exceptional medical innovators of our time?

Dhir Profile Photo


Marketing Strategist

Abhishek is a senior year biomedical engineering student with interests in technology, informatics, automation and business. In his free time he reads financial news related to countries such as US, Canada and India.

*Why did you join the team?:*

Tech is what genuinely excites me, and I've been interested in healthcare since I was a child. What place better than a community that combines them all?