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Physician Founded Ep. 16: Dr. Yair Saperstein Pt. 2

To build a business based entirely on user inputs and feedback takes some guts, and evidently, Yair Saperstein has got plenty of it. On part 2 of this week’s episode of Physician Founded, Yair Saperstein, the co-founder of AvoMD, tells us more about ...

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Physician Founded Ep. 16: Dr. Yair Saperstein Pt. 2

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Geoff is a medical graduate with an interest in the complexities of scaling medical technologies and the relationships that make up the health tech and healthcare ecosystems we rely on so much. In his free time, he helps underserved kids and immigrants get glasses and their eyes checked with the Eyeglasses Project.

*Why did you join the team?:*

I listen to alot of podcasts, and I know firsthand how important medical innovation is. I've always wanted to learn how new medical technologies are scaled so that people all over the world, not just locally, can live better lives. It's clear to me that a supportive medtech community built on the stories and learnings of those who came before us could be so, so helpful.