Oct. 12, 2020

Med Tech Talks Ep. 23 - Real Talk with Rowena Rizzotti

Med Tech Talks Ep. 23 - Real Talk with Rowena Rizzotti
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Straight from Castlegar, trained as a nurse and as a paramedic (with two MBAs), with experience in Alberta setting up one of the first arthroplasty centres in Canada, in addition to experience leading Northern Health, Fraser Health, and now the Health and Technology District, Rowena Rizzotti shares her wealth of experience with us. 

But wait - I literally didn't write out all her accomplishments; she oversaw the $500 million investment into a critical care tower in Surrey, BC, is the founder of Innovation Boulevard, and serves as the Vice President of Healthcare and Innovations for two  private health sector companies.

You mean there's more? Rowena is also a member of the Conference Board of  Canada Council for Innovation and Commercialization and is a Mentor for  SFU Beedie School of Business as well as Founder and Chief Executive for  the Institute for Healthcare Innovations.

This episode is sponsored by the Surrey Health and Technology District, a  prime space for collaboration, clinical studies, and growth. Check our  partner our at https://healthandtechnologydistrict.com/ !